The Adventure Travel Film Festival 2014

Once we made the ember, they placed it in my tinder bundle and I blew until the flames emerged from my bare hands. I smiled as the crowd gathered… It was the first time I had made a fire from scratch using the bow drill, wearing a pair of white leather and wooden funky high heel platform shoes!! It felt great!!#BushcraftInStyle

What a weekend! Starlit screening of the first man to sail around the world non-stop, campfire networking, words of wisdom from travel writers’ Sam Worthington, Ian Merchant and Wanderlust’s Editor Phoebe Smith, Leon McCarron’s tales of adventures followed by Lois Pryce and her motorcycle journey through Iran#HelmetandHijab, bbq parties, Austin Vince in his famous overalls, interesting people, inspiring stories and a whole LOT of food!!

As for Amazon Souls, I had two screenings and one Q&A. It has been tweeted by Vagabundo magazine as the best film in the shorts section and I had lots of people stopping to tell me how much they really enjoyed watching it. The funniest and most touching comment was when a parent approached me with his 7 year old daughter and said,

“I absolutely loved watching your film and so did my daughter. She loved it so much that after watching it yesterday she decided it was her favourite film of the festival and wanted to watch it again today. She said she liked spotting all the naked people in it.”


Gotta love that final motorbike journey to the station on a hot black Ducati, soaking in the beautiful sights of Sherborne.. A great way to end the experience at this year’s Adventure Travel Film Festival! Thank you to everyone who was a part of it.

#AdventurersHaven #ATFF2014



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