Venezuela: Life in Caracas – Alone in the urban wild… danger?!

After dancing all night and walking all morning, I wanted to relax in a cool bar and be set free alone into the wild urban metropolis that is Caracas.

Unchained and untamed in Altamira, a very cool and safe part of the city, I was on the hunt for the 360 rooftop bar I found in “Lonely Planet”.

I approached a couple for directions and luckily, the woman spoke English and offered her assistance.

YUKI: Are you alone?
YUKI: Why?!
SARAH: I was told it’s safe here.
YUKI: You should try never to be alone. Always take someone with you.
SARAH: Even during the day??
YUKI: Yes. There are some very bad people here. You need to be careful. It’s very dangerous! Why did you ask me?
SARAH: Probably because you’re a couple and I thought it safer to ask a woman in my case.
YUKI: Yes but even the women here can be dangerous.
YUKI: It’s our culture here. We grew up seeing men, women and even children robbing people. So we are very wary people.

The lovely couple took me to the popular 360 bar where I enjoyed a stunning view of the city whilst drinking to the sunset and indulged in an exotic fish dish with their “catch of the day”.

On route back, I wanted to take the metro but the concierge freaked out!

CONCIERGE: But Madame, it’s dangerous at this time. I strongly suggest you take a taxi to be safe.
SARAH: Fine. Order me a taxi but only because my feet hurt and I’m tired.

I’m really getting tired of “danger”. I hate being scared of anything and I don’t like the concept of fear. “Danger” in Caracas is boring me to death. I’ve spoken to many locals and foreigners who have told me that it isn’t actually that bad. The locals are very worried due to the reports and media coverage of the crime in the city. According to many years living here, they’ve been just fine. Of course, there are some things you just mustn’t do, places you shouldn’t go at certain times. As long as you follow the guidelines, you’ll be just fine. Time to loosen up and live a little… Let’s get #StreetWise

360 bar

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