Venezuela: Life in Caracas – Caiza Crime Story

I just finished emptying the last succulent bite of the closest to English breakfast I could put together. Ah!




The sound of the alarm echoed in my ears. An eerie feeling filled my stomach. What just happened? My housemate, Raul stormed into the living room with both hands on his head in disbelief. I looked on, stunned. Still waiting to find out what happened.


SARAH: What’s going on? Why has that alarm gone off?

RAUL: I think they took another person hostage.

SARAH: Huh? What, here?


SARAH: But, who?

RAUL: The criminals


My other housemate takes out a document with a cartoon of a thief printed along with the events of last week. Events I had absolutely no idea about whilst I was enjoying my explorations around the city.


Wednesday 10th – Two men with guns tried to take a visitor hostage but they couldn’t as the victim ran away.


Thursday 11th – In the evening, a resident of the Caiza was taken hostage, in his car. It was an act of what they call, “Secuestro Express”. It literally translates as “Express Kidnap” – where they literally kidnap you on the street but release you if you pay them.


Friday 12th – Two men with “pasamontanas” (balaclavas) were spotted in the complex, carrying guns but made no attempted threats. They were seen walking away.


Thursday 18th December 2014 –  Alarm sounds off. Men with guns entered the complex but left after encounter with the police.


Friday 19th December 2014- TODAY. The grocery store in front of the Caiza was robbed by armed thieves.


I glanced at the document with the cartoon thief. It reads:
“We are not isolated from the dangers of Caracas.”

I decided to decompress my day with a run on the track.
GUARD: Lady, it’s not safe for you to run here.
SARAH: But, why?
GUARD: Because it’s very dangerous. There are men with guns who will attack you.
SARAH: But I really need to run.
GUARD: Ok. You can run within the complex but not here.
SARAH: Fine. I can live with that.
I ran a very quick 1.75 miles before charging back up to the penthouse.
I think I need to get… OUT. OF. HERE…



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