Venezuela: Life in Caracas – El Volcan – Downhill Bikers

Helmets, armour and adrenaline in place. All geared up. Ready for action. I watched as the bikers picked their spot. Jumping spot. On top of the mountain…

“El Volcan” based in La Boyera, is the only place in Caracas to indulge in downhill biking, created by the bikers themselves. Bikers have practised this extreme sport for around thirty years here. World class types have even participated in competitions. The place has very few sponsors but is growing rapidly and attracting positive attention.

I was taken to the spot by a mountain biker who is from that ilk. It was exciting to watch the bikers jump off the ramp and find their balance as they race down the tracks. And the view? It was extraordinary.

el volcan


I really hope they get all the support they need and more sponsors to keep them growing. It’s amazing to have such talent and excitement whilst life seems hard for so many here.

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