Venezuela: Life in Caracas – Emergency! 9-No-1

The blood boiled in my veins. Thoughts scattered whilst trying to gather simultaneously. How on earth did I get myself in this situation? I went to change into my flats from the token high heels I adored so much. I had forgotten something. I turned to head back into my room but water caught me by slippery surprise, and I fell into another level of pain as my leg hit the edge of the wall, bouncing off the edge of the bed. Ouch! A loud scream alerted my housemate. The bruise on my leg was growing and the pain, sharper by the second. The challenge began; both internal, and external. We made a trip to the nearest private hospital. The rest was like a parody wrapped in a sushi of pain and torture!

Two doctors walked out to greet me. They took a brief glance at my leg and told us that the “specialist doctor” was not in tonight so I couldn’t be seen. And, if they check me in then they couldn’t check me out. Now, I was furious that they couldn’t perform a simple check up to diagnose the condition of my leg. If I had entered with a stroke, and the heart specialist was not on his shift, then I am sure I would most likely survive a few more breaths before they were staffed again! I sat in my wheelchair almost turning to molten lava. At the very last minute, I was diagnosed by the doorman. He told me it was not broken and that I should treat it with ice and rest. I went to a private hospital to be seen by the doorman. Seriously? I need to speak to the people in charge about this. It’s insane!

We made it all the way back to the Caiza and I had time to clear my head and organise my thoughts. Luckily, my leg was not bad at all compared to what I had thought.

RAUL: I’m so shocked! We live in the middle of nowhere so we all need to be careful. It’s impossible to get a doctor to see us. If anyone of us end up in trouble or have a heart attack, that’s it! We’re dead!

SARAH: We might as well be living in the jungle!

ALEJANDRA: Welcome to Venezuela!

The fury turned to humour as we all laughed about the strangeness of our situation. The Caiza. What a view! What a nightmare! It’s like being in the “Big Brother House”. The drama – if only you knew…

caracas hospital

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