Venezuela: Life in Caracas – Marina Grande Beach, La Guaira

With one week holiday and no plans, what were two house mates to do?

SARAH: I want to explore the city.

ERIK: Let’s go to the beach!

SARAH: Let’s do it! (High five each other)


Marina Grande Beach in La Guaira is located just outside of Caracas, Venezuela. A private beach. Secluded and void of danger. A “safe” option. We set off on public transport.

ERIK: Don’t talk. They’ll figure you’re not from here and might try something. I don’t wanna get kidnapped or anything today.

SARAH: I look like a local.

ERIK: Yes, until you start speaking.

SARAH: Ok, I’ll just nod.


On the metro. Six stops later…

ERIK: This is the furthest away from the city I’ve been on my own.

SARAH: (Laughs)


On the bus…

ERIK: I’ve just said all my prayers.

SARAH: So have I.

ERIK: Let’s hope nothing weird happens to us now. We are literally risking our lives.

SARAH: Don’t worry. We’ll be fine. I hope.


On route, Erik asked for directions. Turned out, the woman who kindly helped us, works at the beach we were heading to as a masseuse and guided us all the way there. Her name was Liliana.


SARAH: Our prayers worked. God sent us an Angel to show us the way.


A young boy with a model face in his early teens kept glancing at me as he passed by. Many times.


At lunch…

ERIK: That pretty boy is pi**sing me off!

SARAH: What’s he doing?

ERIK: He’s running up and down the beach looking for you.

SARAH: He’s just a kid.

ERIK: Why can’t he be a man and just tell you he likes you.

SARAH: Because he’s just a kid.

ERIK: He’s too pretty for my liking.

SARAH: Haha. Pretty Boy.


Chasing waves…

SARAH: Can you swim?

ERIK: No. I have respect for the ocean. Can you swim?

SARAH: No. Why can’t you swim?

ERIK: I’m Latin.

SARAH: That’s no excuse.

ERIK: Why can’t you swim? You’re English.

SARAH: I can swim for a couple of minutes before I start to sink.

ERIK: Hmmm

SARAH: That’s two people who don’t know how to swim trying to make the best of the beach.

ERIK: I just peed. Did you pee yet?

SARAH: Ewww, gross! No!

ERIK: (Laughs)

SARAH: That guy’s really hot.

ERIK: He is. Like something out of a fairytale. Why don’t you go up to him?

SARAH: I can’t.

ERIK: Wait a minute. He looks like Pretty Boy. I bet you that’s Pretty Boy’s older brother.

SARAH: What makes you say that?

ERIK: Look. They have the same face.

SARAH: No they don’t. Hmmm… Hot guy.


ERIK: Oh my God! Sarah, look!

SARAH: What?

ERIK: The perfect girl.

SARAH: Yeah. She’s really cute.

ERIK: She’s. So. Perfect.

SARAH: But I bet you that muscle guy is her husband. And that’s her child. Perfect Girl.


At the beach…

SARAH: Look. We need to split up otherwise people will get the wrong idea and think we’re together.

ERIK: How do we do that?

SARAH: We have to make everyone believe we are brother and sister.


Erik spots another girls he likes at the public showers…

SARAH: Erik. Hurry up! I’m hungry. You’re taking ages in there.

ERIK: (Smiles at the girl in front of him) She’s so hot.

SARAH: Trust you!

ERIK: Please Sarah, can you find out her name for me?

SARAH: Ok, fine. But only because I want your frustration to end.


SARAH: Hola. What’s your name?

ASTERIX: Asterix.

SARAH: My brother really likes you. He wanted to speak to you.

ERIK: (Spanish) She’s my sister. We have the same Father. He travels all around the world leaving kids all over the place. I’m from Nicaragua and she’s from England. We’re on a family holiday. She wanted to tell you that I really like you and think you’re cute. Do you have Facebook?

ASTERIX: (Laughs as they exchange names) …


ERIK: That brother/sister line really works.

SARAH: I know, right? So, you’re my brother from another mother.

ERIK: Yes.

SARAH: How did my mother meet your father? Let’s work out the story…


A very laugh out loud day at the beach. Ended with a massage by Angel before heading back home.




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