Venezuela: Life in Caracas – “Poems for Peace”

I was waiting at the bank in Caracas in a queue or “cola” as they call it here and impatience took over my mood as the waiting seemed to never end. An elderly man walked in and stood at the end of the queue. I felt bad that he was standing up and wanted him to sit down. I got up and offered my seat to Ale and she offered it to the old man. He refused kindly. I couldn’t stand seeing him stood up so I asked him in Spanish. He replied, “Now, I can’t refuse a lady.” Then he smiled warmly at me before taking his seat at the queue.

On his way out, he approached me and reached into his bag…

ALE: Wait, he wants to give you something.

The elderly man took out a white booklet that read, “Peace” on it and put it into my hands. I looked inside to find poems with the themes of education, justice, democracy, virtue, love, good and evolution. How sweet of him, I thought. I thanked him in Spanish and his warm smile left a mark on me as he left.

Fatherly memories hit me hard and the tears started flowing. The perfect gift at the perfect time for the perfect person.

Here is a poem called, “Venus” I have translated from Spanish to English with the help of a friend:



This night of calm,

This night of the soul,

In the black blanket

Of an unknown sky

Shines Venus radiantly

Her blue reflections.

Oh precious planet,

Regent of love,

With your emanations,

Make the earthly lovers,

Unify their beings,

With pure bonds

Of high love

Tender, pure and sincere,

Where the lie, deceive and jealousy,

Cannot penetrate.

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