Venezuelan Beauty Standards

Here in Venezuela, they have some of the most beautiful women in the world and almost every woman has the perfect hour glass figure. Plastic surgery is very common and sought after whilst being extremely cheap compared to other parts of the world. After all, it is the country of Miss Venezuela, who wins the title in many beauty pageants!

On my first day in the dressing room, I was given the ultimate‪#‎VenezuelanMakeOver‬ both face and hair done up to the “T” before going on air.

I wasn’t used to wearing so much make up but appearance is very important in this country. The next day, I had to go through a wardrobe check and it felt like a scene from “Miss Congeniality”, being transformed from a rugged Adventurer to a groomed Anchor – ‪#‎BeautyQueen‬ style!!

MARIELLA: Please tell her to be careful when wearing the trousers, she’s going to tear them apart!
CODY: You have to be careful, Sarah when putting on the garments.
SARAH: Erm… ok…

MAKE-UP ARTIST: No, please don’t move your head so much, you’re going to ruin your hair!

STYLIST: You can’t wear this, it’s going to look odd on camera. Say bye-bye to the dress!

One hour later…

SARAH: I feel like a man in woman’s clothing compared to the women here!

The obsession with looking perfect can sometimes be overwhelming. Perfection differs in the eyes of each individual.

Sarah Begum beauty queen


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